Fabrics/Leather/Customer’s Own Material

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Fabrics/Leather/Customer’s Own Material

HUNT GALLERIES offers hundreds of fabrics and dozens of leathers for any item we make
OR you may provide your own material. 
Items made by other manufacturers are subject to their own fabric or leather choices and many
times you cannot provide your own fabric.

Our Fabrics:  We offer hundreds of fabrics from which to choose for any item Hunt Galleries makes.  Our fabrics range in price, beginning around $15.00 per yard and up.  We order fabrics from many different fabric companies and mills.  All of the fabrics we have available are first quality fabrics and are priced based on what we pay for them by the yard in order to give you the most for your money. 
If you would like to receive fabric samples from us, please contact us for complete details. 
Our Genuine Leather:   Any of our furniture styles can be custom made in Genuine Leather. Leather is perfect for busy lifestyles.  Leather cleans with soap and  water and will outlast fabrics at least four to one.  Derived from the hides of steers, it is composed of such a network of fibers that it has no stress points — it won’t tear or stretch out of shape.  Leather has the ability to assume body temperatures rapidly making it comfortable seating.  Leather is unique…..each hide has its’ own fingerprint and personality all its’ own.  PLEASE NOTE:  Markings such as brands, scars, barbed wire nicks, neck wrinkles and stretch marks are normal and characteristic of leather, thus the beauty of it.  When ordering in leather, you may want to consider BRASS NAILHEAD TRIM, which is standard and included on some items. 

Customer’s Own MaterialAs a nationally recognized specialist in using the customer’s fabric, we will be pleased to custom upholster your furniture selections in your material…..C.O.M. (Customer’s Own Material).  Be assured of receiving our utmost skill and attention for items made in fabrics you send.  *Our catalog indicates the fabric yardage required for each item or contact us for this information.  Send your fabric to us prepaid.  Please include your order and payment with your material, OR, send your order form and payment separately.  If you send your fabric separately, whether by you or a fabric company, attach a clipping or describe the fabric on your order form and be sure to identify your material when it is sent.  We recommend you roll the fabric on a cylinder cone to avoid wrinkles and wrap in both paper and plastic.

IMPORTANT!  We urge you to inspect your material prior to sending it to us.  We cannot assume responsibility or make adjustments on your materials, whether sent directly by you or a fabric company.  PLEASE NOTE:  BE SURE TO INCLUDE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS OR PREFERENCES ABOUT YOUR FABRIC.  OTHERWISE, WE WILL USE OUR PROFESSIONAL DISCRETION.  For Example:  Right and Wrong side, Vertical or Horizontal Stripes, Pattern Direction or any other preference you may have. We recommend upholstery weight fabric for our furniture.  If your fabric is not upholstery weight, you may request us to “LINE” your fabric for an additional charge.  Keep in mind silks, satins and other lightweight fabrics are inclined to pucker, wrinkle or show “pull marks” which are unavoidable.   If you send this type of fabric, we cannot be responsible for how the material upholsters.  Lining is not guaranteed to add to the durability of the fabric nor prevent the problems described above, but may help in giving the fabric a better look.  If you send a lighter weight fabric and/or one that is light in color (especially a floral with open spaces), you may want to consider lining.  If you desire your fabric to be “Scotchgard Treated” or some other finishing process, please inquire for charges and details.  We also offer “OUTLINE QUILTING” for an additional charge.

*YARDAGE REQUIRED FOR EACH ITEM:  The yardage required for each item (is noted in our catalog and price list package) and is based on fabrics that are 54″ wide and up to a 7″ pattern repeat.  Fabrics less than 54″ wide and/or more than 7″ in  pattern repeat will require additional yardage.  For example:  If your fabric is 54″ wide but has a 7-13″ pattern repeat, increase yardage by 15%;  14-27″ repeat, increase by 20%;  Over 27″ repeat, increase yardage by 25%.  For yardage quotes, contact us with your width, pattern repeat and item desired.