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How to Order

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Dining Room Bedroom Leather Upholstery Accessories

CALL 1-800-248-3876
EMAIL US @ [email protected]
Fax us @ 828/324-9921

Note: Hunt Galleries offers a Color Catalog & Factory Price List Package featuring the complete line of upholstered and leather furniture made by Hunt Galleries. Our catalog and price list contain a wealth of information about our company and our policies. The catalog package is available for $10.00 and is deductible on your first order.

Furniture made by Hunt Galleries is normally shipped within 6-8 weeks after placement.  
Items “Special-Ordered” from other companies are subject to their production schedules.

Terms:  Items made by Hunt Galleries:
We accept personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks, Visa or Mastercard to enter your order.  
(NOTE:  Charge to your Visa or MasterCard is applied to your account when your order is placed.  This method is offered for your convenience but is treated as a check or cash).  Sorry, we do not ship COD or on open account. 
(NOTE: On “customized items”, we require payment by cashier’s check or money order).

Items made by other companies:  We accept 50% deposit to enter the order payable by personal check, Visa or Mastercard.  The remaining 50% balance is due when we notify you (usually when the merchandise has arrived at our factory and is ready for shipment to you). This balance must be paid by Cashier’s Check or Money Order only.

Guarantee: In business over  50 years, we guarantee  satisfaction with our workmanship and quality.  We build furniture to last a lifetime.  Our reputation for fine quality is known both locally and nationally.  We are a member of The Catawba County Chamber of Commerce in Hickory, NC as well as the Better Business Bureau.  In fact, several pieces of our furniture are proudly displayed in the lobby of our local Chamber of Commerce.
Prices:  Prices are subject to change without advance notice.  Your order is promptly acknowledged by return mail and advises approximate shipping date, method and price confirmation. FOR YOUR PROTECTION:  Please check your acknowledgement carefully and advise immediately if it is incorrect.  This acknowledgement is a confirmation of your order as we understand it and considered as a legal contract between you and Hunt Galleries. 

Shipping: Shipping charges are collect and are based on poundage, destination and the type of service you prefer.  (These charges are collected by the carrier, unless we advise you otherwise when your order is placed).  We will be happy to quote estimated shipping charges once you know the items you are considering.  Please call us for this information.  NOTE:  If you must have “INSIDE YOUR HOME” Delivery, please specify when ordering since different delivery methods are available. At least 2 phone numbers are required for delivery purposes.
Damage:Based on our packaging methods,damages are rare. When furniture made by Hunt Galleries leaves our factory, it has been hand-crafted by hourly paid expert craftsmen and women and thoroughly inspected by our plant manager. Once the shipment is signed for here at our plant in good condition by the carrier (whoever the manufacturer is), the carrier is then legally responsible to deliver to you in the same good condition.
For your protectionwhen delivery is being made, we suggest you inspect for any damage prior to signing the carrier’s receipt or if this is not possible, make a notation stating you did not inspect for damage prior to signing.Again, damages are almost non-existent but we want you to be an informed consumer to avoid any possible problems. 
UPS:  Many items can be shipped via United Parcel Service for a more economical and faster method.  These items include some of our ottomans, small chairs and some benches. These UPS shipping & handling charges are additional and must be prepaid.  FABRIC:  Whenever possible, fabric yardage is also shipped via UPS.
TAXES:  If your furniture is delivered outside of North Carolina, you are responsible for reporting and/or paying any applicable taxes in your state.
Customizing: Since we build our own frames, many times we are able to “customize” style and/or measurements to suit your individual needs.  However, please contact us for confirmation and pricing on “customized” items.
NOTE:  We do not accept returns, refunds or allow compensation on items made to your measurements or specifications. Keep in mind we do our best but cannot guarantee “exact” measurements or specifications due to unforeseen problems and/or what may simply be a difference in interpretation of design from one person to another. 
Measurements: All measurements are approximate and may vary by an inch or more due to individual hand craftsmanship and type of fabric used.Please call us if you have a specific measurement concern before you place your order.
Cancellation:Once acknowledged by our Order Department, your order cannot be cancelled. 
Using Your Fabric:  Important–Please make sure you read “When Sending Your Own Material” found in our literature …..or request this information.